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Crypto Talk Radio (formerly known as "Tales from the Crypto") is a program that covers various cryptocurrency news and projects from the lens of an investor. It started as a category under A Gentleman's World, but due to significant amounts of interest in the topic, it made sense to present it as a separate podcast. It currently has the highest number of listens across the ecosystem.

To support its expansion, the show was branded as Crypto Talk Radio, with Basic Cryptonomics being the first, main program on the show.

Put simply: imagine you had a friend who wasn't afraid to tell you what you needed to know, but had some serious credentials to support their arguments.

That's Basic Cryptonomics.

Broadcast Days

Main podcast: Every Tuesday and Thursday, except major holidays (we'll let you know in advance). Some content is exclusive to the main podcast due to relevance.
YouTube: No set schedule. Episodes are uploaded based on whatever appears to be currently searched for. Some content is exclusive to YouTube due to timing.

Episodes are generally published in the morning, but may be in the evening depending on other events. Distribution to all major platforms (i.e. Spotify, Apple Podcasts/iTunes, etc.) usually happens an hour or two afterwards; certain platforms may take up to 24 hours to display (Google Podcasts, for example). Podcast applications such as Podcast Guru may take anywhere between 1 to 8 hours to display new episodes depending on how you added the podcast.

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How To Listen

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[BETA] Subscribe to YouTube updates in your podcast app!

CTR is changing the game again.

As we offer "podcasts for the people", we're constantly looking for ways to enable our listeners to follow our content.

For those that prefer more targeted updates and coverage, the YouTube channel is the best source; but what do you do if you just want the audio?

We've got you covered.

In your podcast app of choice, you should have an option to add by "RSS Address" or "RSS URL". Just copy/paste the following in:

And save it. This mystical, magical, shockingly powerful address will turn our channel into a podcast feed, for your convenience.

Disclaimer: this is done by a third-party service, and is subject to change or be removed at any time. We recommend subscribing to email updates above.

...or, you can search for "Basic Cryptonomics" on your mobile app of choice and add it there.

How To Support Us

First of all, thank you for the support. We appreciate it.

There are four main ways to show support.

Spread The Word

All you have to do is tell people to go to Let them know you think we're worth the listen. From there, it's really on us, isn't it?

Tip Jar

There are two ways to tip: cash or crypto (or both).

Cash: Donate With Cash

Crypto: Donate With Crypto

Protect Your Investment

We're partnered with SafePal, which is the wallet we use and highly recommend. Buying from this link helps support the show while helping to secure your cryptocurrency. Win-win. Please temporarily disable ad-blockers before clicking the link.

Tell Your Crypto Projects To Stop Ducking The Smoke

If you have cryptos you're invested or interested in, tell them to come on the show and face hard questions. This button will take them to the guest request form.

Service Roadmap (click to view)

View the task board HERE.

In 2022, the show began a complete rebrand to CTR: Crypto Talk Radio. The following are part of this rebrand:

"LeicesterLife" will become a tagline (think "slogan"). This means it won't be part of the podcast name going forward, once all changes are completed.

"Crypto Talk Radio" will become the official name of the show, with "Basic Cryptonomics" becoming the main program. This positions for additional programs in the future.

The cover art was completely changed to support CTR and deprioritize "LeicesterLife". This also allows us flexibility for additional programming.

Creation of the website you're viewing now, which will replace the Linktree as the primary source of information. The Linktree (@cryptotalkradio) will remain in place as a backup.

✅ Crypto Talk Radio has adopted a formal color scheme for its brand unique to it versus the other programs.

✅ Crypto Talk Radio has introduced, and completed, its first advertising. This brings in revenue for the show to support quality programming and lets us build a model for advertising that doesn't ruin the experience for listeners (you probably didn't even know you were listening to an ad. That's the point.)

🔘 The show will migrate from its current host, Substack, over to Anchor.FM. (This is the final step in the process.)

🔘 The show will have a "supporter" feature, that allows listeners to support the show. This is part of a tiered support structure.

🔘 The show will allow subscriptions, which will allow listeners to receive notifications and updates about the show. This is expected to be hosted on Substack (subject to change).

🔘 We will be doing an outreach campaign to find token projects that "want the smoke" and come on the show to talk to us.

🔘 We are in negotiations for other larger partnerships to provide advertising revenue. We have informal partnerships by way of referrals. These new ones would be direct partnerships.