About CTR Stage Podcast Group

  • We were created in 2021 as a response to what felt like a lack of truly natural podcasts.

  • CTR Podcast Group was formerly known as "Leicesterage Podcasts" and "Leicesterage Group".

  • CTR does not have a single definition. The definition changes for each podcast.

  • Casual Talk Radio (A Gentleman's World) was the first podcast created. It was (and is) intended to be a two-person podcast, featuring discussions from different generations, around a variety of topics. It was originally hosted on Substack, but was later moved to Anchor.fm, where it currently enjoys an increased amount of exposure and availability.

  • Crypto Talk Radio (Basic Cryptonomics) came next in response to an increased amount of interest around cryptocurrency in the second half of 2021. Originally called "Tales From The Crypto" (and some platforms may still refer to it as such), it started as a daily episodic program but has since branched into a main podcast with two episodes per week and a YouTube channel with more frequent short episodes. Casual Talk Radio is expected to be the only podcast to feature video podcast episodes as part of a premium subscription.

  • Combat Talk Radio (Masterpiece Boxing) was originally created as a category under A Gentleman's World. To increase its exposure, it was moved entirely to YouTube as its own podcast, where it enjoys a healthy amount of views. Coverage is once per week at minimum, and in the future, may include live shows and commentary over current boxing events.

All of the podcasts are completely unscripted and have no preparation. This is by design - the listener can often detect when a podcast is "robotic" or overly practiced, and guests that have been given answers in advance. We believe that the listeners want to feel as though they've secretly stumbled on a conversation taking place between people, and we work hard to maintain that feeling.

We screen guests according to this belief, and inform them well in advance not to expect a list of questions; mostly because we don't know what we'll ask until we ask it. We're genuinely curious about the person, and we want them to feel as though they're the star - because they are. In return, we ask that they not treat it like an interrogation, but rather a natural, normal conversation that just happens to be recorded.

Mr. Vann Leicester

Referred to on the shows as "Leicester", he is currently the host of all three shows, responsible for their creation, marketing and guest production in addition to post-processing and distribution.

Mr. Vann Leicester holds a degree in Computer Information Systems and a variety of technical, project and solution certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Hyland Software, IBM and AXELOS (ITIL).

He has over 25 years of work experience, including ownership of four businesses and working directly with over 70 customers across the United States.