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Combat Talk Radio started as a category under A Gentleman's World, called "For The Love Of Boxing". Over time, two things became clear.

First, boxing fans weren't able to find us easily on Substack.

Second, we needed to streamline and formalize it into its own podcast, so that it it would be received well by listeners.

Combat Talk Radio has two programs. The first, previously named "For The Love Of Boxing", was renamed to "Masterpiece Boxing" in 2022, as the main program under the Combat Talk Radio show. The second, Lifeblood of Boxing, was previously a category under "For The Love of Boxing" and is now a formal secondary program under the Combat Talk Radio show.

Notable: Compared to the other two shows, Combat Talk Radio has the highest number of listeners in a single episode. It also has the most organic listener base.

Broadcast Days

Masterpiece Boxing: Minimum one episode per week, always on Friday, sometimes Saturday and/or Sunday for additional followup coverage.

Lifeblood of Boxing Series: One episode per month or based on recent fights.

Episodes are generally published in the morning, but may be in the evening depending on other events.

How To Listen

How To Support Us

First of all, thank you for the support. We appreciate it.

There are four main ways to show support.

Spread The Word

All you have to do is tell people to go to Let them know you think we're worth the listen. From there, it's really on us, isn't it?

Tip Jar

There are two ways to tip: cash or crypto (or both).

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Service Roadmap (click to view)

In 2022, the show began a complete rebrand to CTR: Combat Talk Radio. The following are part of this rebrand:

✅ "LeicesterLife" will become a tagline (think "slogan"). This means it won't be part of the podcast name going forward, once all changes are completed.

✅ "Combat Talk Radio" will become the official name of the show, with "For The Love of Boxing" becoming the main program. This positions for additional programs in the future.

✅ The cover art was completely changed to support CTR and deprioritize "LeicesterLife". This also allows us flexibility for additional programming.

✅ Creation of the website you're viewing now. For The Love Of Boxing never had a website of its own before now.

For The Love Of Boxing has adopted a formal color scheme for its brand unique to it versus the other programs.

✅ Reservation and configuration for dedicated domain,