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A Gentleman's World was the first podcast created in 2021 in response to what appeared to be a lack of "natural" podcasts - programming that felt like normal, regular people talking. It does not settle on any individual topic; instead, we prefer to discuss any and everything that comes to mind.

While A Gentleman's World is the oldest podcast, it is not the largest by listen counts. It was moved from Substack to Anchor by Spotify (Anchor.FM) in 2022 with the rebranding noted under Roadmap below, and since doing so, has enjoyed a 3x increase in visibility and exposure.

Today, many podcasts not hosted by Joe Rogan or Jada Pinkett-Smith sound either overly robotic, overly practiced, or introduce excessive amounts of cut editing. We believe this tends to turn off listeners who crave conversations similar to the way Larry King used to do them.

Broadcast Days

Main podcast: Every Monday and Wednesday, except major holidays (we'll let you know in advance).

Podcast applications such as Podcast Guru may take anywhere between 1 to 8 hours to display new episodes depending on how you added the podcast.

How To Listen

...or, you can search for "A Gentleman's World" or "Casual Talk Radio" on your mobile app of choice and add it there.

How To Support Us

First of all, thank you for the support. We appreciate it.

There are two main ways to show support.

Spread The Word

All you have to do is tell people to go to Let them know you think we're worth the listen. From there, it's really on us, isn't it?

Tip Jar

There are two ways to tip: cash or crypto (or both).

Cash: Donate With Cash

Crypto: Donate With Crypto

Want To Be A Guest?

Our guest onboarding process is simple, just like our flow.

Note that we try to keep our recordings between 30 minutes and an hour to be respectful to our guests' valuable time.

  1. Complete the Guest Request Form.

This confirms your interest to be on the show.

  1. We'll reply confirming receipt, and send you two items to complete.

We'll also remind you to relax and bring any juice /water/coffee/etc. as needed for dry throats.

    1. The Guest Release Form is an electronic form (Cognito) that explains that (A) we control the audio and (B) no money is exchanged for being on the show. We don't link this form here, because we want to make sure the Release Form is received first (showing intent) plus having the chance to explain the show style one more time. However, you can take as long as you need to review it before signing; we think you'll find it's fairly light.

    2. A Calendly link where you can reserve and/or reschedule your day and timeslot at your convenience, and in your time zone. Currently, the appointments are available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; this is by design. Slots change according to whatever's going on in a given week. You'll get a calendar invite so you're reminded when it's near time for the recording. If we aren't able to make the time zone difference work, we may be able to separately negotiate an alternate time, but Saturday/Sunday should always work.

  1. The final step is for us to create a Zencastr link.

We'll update the meeting invite with it a few days before the recording date. Zencastr requires that you use a regular computer for the recording, and it's strongly recommended that it be a regular computer and not a Chromebook or Surface Go (or similar "lite' device). Currently, recordings are audio only except in the most extreme exceptions, but we display video to facilitate conversation.

Service Roadmap (click to view)

In 2022, the show began a complete rebrand to Casual Talk Radio. The following are part of this rebrand:

🔘 "LeicesterLife" will become a tagline (think "slogan"). This means it won't be part of the podcast name going forward, once all changes are completed.

🔘 "Casual Talk Radio" will become the official name of the show, with "A Gentleman's World" becoming the main program. This positions for additional programs in the future.

✅ The cover art was completely changed to support CTR and deprioritize "LeicesterLife". This also allows us flexibility for additional programming.

✅ Creation of the website you're viewing now, which will replace the Linktree as the primary source of information. The Linktree (@casualtalkradio) will remain in place as a backup.

✅ CTR: A Gentleman's World has adopted a formal color scheme for its brand unique to it versus the other programs.

✅ A Gentleman's World has introduced, and completed, its first advertising. This brings in revenue for the show to support quality programming and lets us build a model for advertising that doesn't ruin the experience for listeners (you probably didn't even know you were listening to an ad. That's the point.)

✅ The show will migrate from its current host, Substack, over to Anchor.FM.

✅ The show will have a "supporter" feature, that allows listeners to support the show. This is part of a tiered support structure.

🔘 The show will allow subscriptions, which will allow listeners to receive notifications and updates about the show. This is expected to be hosted on Substack (subject to change).

✅ We will be doing an outreach campaign to find guests for the show.